Born into an ice cream producing family, Eduardo Gallone, Aldo’s grandfather, set up his ice cream business in Northampton, having moved from Glasgow. In 1938 the company moved into Trinity Avenue where ice cream was manufactured and then sold via their three ice cream vans. By 1949 the company had grown and needed to relocate to the new premises in Welford Road where the firm continues to produce their ice cream.

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In July 2013 Gallone’s opened their parlour next to the factory which, due to it’s success, was followed by the opening of the second parlour in Market Harborough. The parlour offers customers the chance to treat themselves to the fifty plus flavours of ice cream, enjoy a specially blended coffee, or even book a party where sundaes can be designed and even ice cream made for the party goers to enjoy at home. In addition to in-store sales, Gallone’s ice cream parlours sell one litre tubs of their ice cream to take away.

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check1Ice cream sales in the UK have surged 6.9% on volumes up 3.4% in the past year as consumers forked out an extra £53.9m on the ice cream.

check1Tubs of luxury ice cream eaten at home as desserts are leading the market in terms of volume growth.


The restaurant, coffee shop and ice cream parlour sectors are well represented within business format franchising and recent industry information suggests that coffee shop and ice cream sales - especially the luxury sector are still showing growth.

check1As a nation we've got through 7.2 million more tubs of ice cream in the past twelve months - shelling out £16.6m (16%) more for the privilege.


The total UK coffee shop market is estimated at 16,501 outlets and continues to show strong sales growth of 6.4% on last year with £6.2 billion total turnover.


According to Allegra Strategies definitive report, Project Café13 UK, the branded coffee chain segment recorded £2.6 billion turnover across 5,531 outlets, delivering impressive sales growth of 9.3% and outlet growth of 5.9%, adding 306 stores 2013. After 15 years of considerable growth, the coffee shop sector continues to be one of the most successful in the UK economy. Physical expansion by leading chains remains the core driver of market growth. In particular, Costa added 118 UK outlets and 18% sales growth in calendar 2013.